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Wrong Oil

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So I changed my engine oil yesterday. I don't know what the previous owner had in it but I switched to Amsoil 10-40w sysnthetic. I put all the oil in and after I replaced the cap I decided to read what was written on it. Damn!!! It says use 5-30W. I've always used 10-40w in my other trucks so I didn't even give it any thought when I picked the oil up.

My fuel mileage is suffering already. Will this hurt it further? Any big difference in the 2 weights? Any other negative effects I should be concerned with? I'm thinking of picking up some 5-30w tomorrow and changing it again but I really hate to waste the 10-40w as it is brand new. Anybody else out there using 10-40w?

The oil filter location on this V-6 really sucks. Why the heck do they have to have it mounted upside down? Oil got all over the engine and skid plate when I took it off. Anyone got some clever ideas to avoid this mess?

Thanks for any help!
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Working from under the truck, I take the skid plates off and hold a little tub under the oil filter when removing it.

Not sure on the oil, I would think you will be alright for 3k miles and change if back next time.
Its fine.

Your not in any cold climate anyhoo.

Just change it back when it`s regular change time for Synthetic.

Carry on.
taco oit

My taco has higher milege I've always ran the 10w30 or even 10w40 when it's hot and 5w30 in exteme cold in winter. You really noticed poor fuel economy with the different weight? Even with synthetic?
No, what I meant is it's already getting poor mileage and I didn't want to make it any worse with the heavier weight oil. I don't know if it's my imagination, but it seems a tad more sluggish with the new oil.
Could be your imagination because the difference in viscosity that you are talking about won't make any difference. Like Kdf says, leave it in until you change at next regullar interval. It won't hurt a thing in the climate that you live.
You do what you want but I live in TX and I have always run 5w30. I know that it is warm year round in Hawaii so I might think about 10w30 but nothing more. As far as the mess goes, I took both skid plates off of mine and drilled a 3/8 in hole in the back skid plate and 1 in the front skid plate for oil to drain out. Now all I have to do is removed the back two bolts and swab the rear skid plate with clean rag and carb cleaner. I hope this helps..
Modifying the skid plates sounds like a good idea. I'm going to monitor my fuel mileage for a couple of tanks and if my mpg's have gone down I will change to 5w-30.
lube is better than no lube!! You should be ok as everyone else stated. The motors are like tanks, pretty darn durable
Down here in the deep South it gets pretty warm . I have worked at many oil changes and I always run castrol 10/30 up to 100k and castrol 20/50 at 100+
yeah, the filter position does suck... I usually come at mine from underneath, kind of through the drivers side wheel well.

a little trick I tried last time that really worked for me was to begin draining the oil, and then take a punch and jab a 1/2 inch hole in the highest part of the filter. that way some of the oil (at least to the level of the threads) will drain back into the engine and out through the plug hole.

good luck.
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