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[WTB] 07 Tundra 4x4 badge and 05+ Taco rear PreRunner mudflaps (or previous gen 4x4)

I'm trying to make some functional mudflaps that won't get ripped off offroading. I'm cutting the bottom short and it looks silly when I cut into my 4x4 ones.

If someone has a set of rear black ones that they would like to hook me up with (for a reasonable price) I'd be very grateful.

Then for the 4x4 badge, Has anyone de-badged their Tundra yet? I just want the chrome 4x4 off of the tail gate.

I could also use the previous gen Tacoma 4x4 rear mud flaps if anyone has those.


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the tundra 4x4 badge is only like 20 bucks from the dealer. i got one the second week the new tundra came out and i saw the emblem
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