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I have a 90 alltrac I just picked up for restoration. Its seats are shot - literally of no use to anybody. There are a handful of other misc items (both functional and aesthetic) that this car needs (windshield, front corner lights, rear spoiler side-section, rear wiper motor, etc) - so I'm hoping to find somebody who has a wrecked (but not absolutely destroyed) GT-S or one with a blown engine just sitting around collecting dust.

To make this worth my while, I don't anticipate paying more than $700 to $800 for the car (I've seen several so far selling in the $400 to $800 price range, so I don't think this unrealistic). However, depending on the condition, we can negotiate. The interior must be gray with no tears in the seats. They can be fabric or leather, I don't care (just not BLUE).

I'm really hoping to find something local (within 100mi of Baltimore, MD), but if the price is right, I'm willing to travel.

Please feel free to email me ([email protected]) or respond to this thread with pics (or links to pics).

Thank you!

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