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Kentucky Mike
1989 Camry LE
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I need a complete 4-cylinder engine for a 1989 Toyota Camry LE (with automatic transmission, I think it is a 3FS?? series engine, has fuel injection, I do not know the number of crankshaft bolts).

Current engine overheated and seized up, transmission and other systems on my car are all okay. I need to do an engine swap as I really need a second car to drive.

Engine must be running and driveable as-is with no major known issues. If I can't drop it in and drive it daily I don't want it. I'd prefer to buy within reasonable driving distance so I can check out the engine first of course, but I'm willing to investigate shipping charges if the engine is worth it.

I am located in Frankfort,Kentucky near I-64. Please email me at [email protected] or leave a voice mail at 502-680-6852.
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