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Lex Zues!
95 Camry
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I am looking for

95-96 Front Bumper - Undamaged, Preferably White
95-96 Headlamps - Clearer the better, needs to aim correctly, bulbs or no bulbs, dont matter to me
95-96 Amber Corners/Turns
Stock i4/v6 exhaust and resonator. Individual parts are fine (for shipping) no rust please
Cheap 6.5" and 6x9" speakers
Trunk Lid - no rust preferably white, dont care if it has spoiler, no dents or dings
Stock Springs
Strut Mounts
Hood Fire Liner
Grey Carpet - Needs to be clean, no crap on it
Working Power Antenna
Grey Interior Door Handles - 2 passenger sides

post what you have and shipped to 34683 Florida. Im willing to work on the local pick up stuff for bigger items


93 240sx SR Hatch
1999 Solara
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I have turn signals, stock springs and a white trunk... but the trunk does have that slight dent in it, so its probably of no use to you. Ill let you know soon if i wanna ditch the stock springs and the signals;)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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