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Looking to buy or preferably TRADE:

I need a set of TOYOTA Tercel Rims
My wheel size is R13 - 145/80 OR R13 155/80 --- 4 HOLES
Anything less deep and they wont fit over my retardedly large brake caliper:headbang: Im looking for any usable condition alluminum or metal rims. Maybe even stock. Mine tires and rims are in very poor condition, very rsty :(

I WILL TRADE YOU a set of 4 Alluminum HONDA RIMS if you are interested. I bought em but they do not fit :kookoo:. (Im not even sure they are STOCK, they have a honda plastic plug in the middle) Condition is 7/10 A few scraches on top, no structural damage, Fair rims. I believe they are 145/65 J5 4 HOLES or something simular. The boxes for the rims are AMERICAN EAGLE or something like that. If anyone replies i will check tomorrow their info to be sure.

I'm located in NYS, can ship if needed.

Thanks, let me know if i missed anything, or any interest.
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