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WTB: Side Skirts for 96 Camry

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4 door sedan.. looking for side skirts. Got a front bumper and rear bumper.

I'm willing to pay for it but I'd be even more willing to do you a headlight retrofit for free.. just pay parts that you want to use (i might even pay for some of the parts if need be)

throw me some offers.. i really need these side skirts to finish off the body kit conversion on the car.
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It just so happens I make BOTH of those kits. You were looking for just the sides and rear or the entire kit?
Looking for the cheapest options I have.. I have a front bumper, really just looking for side skirts and rear bumper.. again looking for cheapest options.

now only looking for side skirts. For reference, Extreme Dimensions offered my ~$190 shipped and I had to turn it down
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