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WTB tercel side skirts

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Hey guys I own a 92 Paseo and was just looking around for some stock side skirts from a tercel if anyone has these and willing to let them go for the right price i want them. Let me know thanks
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Uhhh, why not just get some for a Paseo?
Becasue i dont want some crazy huge aftermarket ones i just want something that will look decent. These are the ones im talking about vthe tercel sport ones
Then get the Razzi ones, they look almost like the TRD ones.
Ah i have seen those before but i think that kit is discontiuned and hard to find + they would look odd without the back bumper. I have called every wrecker around and nothing, they're all gone :thumbsdow
oops, i was thinking of the jetspeed kit my mistake. And as i have said before I just want the side skirts from a tercel lol but thanks anyways 15Psi.
Yeah, you can only get the Jet Speed one by special order now.
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