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WTF? You other gen3 ppl experience this?

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Whenever I start the car at night and turn the lights on, all the interior lights come on normally except for the lights in the rotary knobs in the HVAC controls. They kick in eventually (>3 mins) but is that normal? If not, what's going on here?

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Don't know dude. My lights all light up at once. Fuse, wiring?
might be loose wiring or bad dimmer switch? poltergeist?
The frigging last owner of my ride never changed any of the bulbs so the entire area was dark. Freaked me out when I drove it at night the first time. Could not believe there wasn't a single bulb in the center console lit except the a/c light when it was on. Nice and bright now.
does anyone know what bulb goes behind the a/c controls? cuz mine is kinda burnt out. i have to hit it to make it come on.:p:
dont really know whats wrong... but ive never had that problem or know anyone else who has
I have that problem. It doesn't really bother me, it always goes on, and it's only a couple minutes. It might even just be a dusty/dirty contact.
Glad it's not just me, I was just a little surprised to see it happen. As long as I don't have to screw with any electrics, I'll be happy

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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