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Bought the kit for my car, was hoping to have it installed when I put the new trans in my car, but they never got around to it.... So now I'm thinking I'll just wait and manual swap the car... Especially with winter coming.

So, you will get brand new SupraStick transmission controller , never installed. New they will run you $377 shipped and take a week to make and a week~ to ship out. This is the newest version (V4)..

Read about it..

I'm asking $320 shipped. Kinda firm.

Willing to trade for:

Fuel cut defender
Trans cooler for an auto
Electronic Boost Controller
550cc injectors + resistor box for 1JZ
Double-din Radion

I will add cash if I need to and expect cash from you if the trade isn't fair, obviously. I would REALLY REALLY like to trade for the stuff I have listed above..

PM me or call/text for a much faster response


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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