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"Some go for looks, and others go for comfort".

I'd like to trade my 2019 Camry SE 18" oem wheels (rims+tires) for same year 17" oem wheels (rims+tires) from Camry LE or CH-R LE.

If age of your car is no more than 2 months old and all wheels (rims and tires) are w/o scuffs, damages, etc, I'll call it an even exchange.

Otherwise, we shall negotiate the terms.

Sorry, I don't have an actual photo, but a snip of a stock vehicle's wheel below represents the same.

Please don't offer non-oem rims.

I'm in central NJ, one-hour drive from Philly and NYC.

Some details regarding 18" and 17" wheels:

- Tires Hankook Kinergy GT, 235/45R18, rims are 8J x 18 offset 50mm, PCD 114.3 mm, 5 x lug nuts
-Tires (whatever they are), 215/55R17, rims are 7.5J x 17 offset 45mm, PCD 114.3 mm, 5 x lug nuts.

Difference in speed between the two is 0.06%

I hope the exchange will work out for both parties, and thanks for stopping by!:smile:


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