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Yes you read that correctly! my house has been vacant & on the market for too long, 1 YEAR now. The price has gone from 157K to 125K still no bites! I am at a loss. 2 people were interested but could not qualify for a loan. I am tired of 2 mortgage payments! so I came up with this idea, trade me your vehicle for my house.

The house has 3BR/2baths, FULL daylight basement (great for fish heads), opens to backyard, located in Lawrenceville, GA. It is convenient to I-85, Gwinnett Mall is only 15 min away. 0.68 acre lot with long driveway.

-you must qualify for a loan on the remainder ($103K - no, I am not upside down). you are not assuming my loan, you must get your own.
-your car/truck must be paid off and must not have a salvaged title & have relatively clean carfax report.
-you must pay any & all closing costs.

Cars/Trucks I am interested in must have:
-auto transmission
-power options
-cruise control

Tacos/Tundra specific:
-must be double cab model (2002+)
-must be 4x4

4runner/FJ specific (2003+):
-must be 4x4/AWD

corolla specific:
-must be 2005+ Corolla S model

camry specific:
-must be 2005+

Supra: any 93-98 TT model, stick & hard top preferred

Ford Mustang specific:
-must be 2005+ GT model

Pontiac GTO

Lexus IS300

That's all I can think of right now, if your car isn't listed, feel free to email me. of course $10k in cash will work too (that will be LESS than house's list price! and less than what I paid last year on the mortgage).

email your submissions to:

xodondum AT yahoo . com

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UPDATE: any toyota or other make can be submitted and there will be a $200 referral reward. I can pay you via paypal or M.O. the successful buyer must mention you.

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rent it out man... that might work for a while until the market and the economy picks up.
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