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Company name: Kiraki INC.
ebay seller accounts: carbon_innovation

PLEASE STAY AWAY from this company. They have no idea how to conduct honest business. I purchased a carbon fiber hood from them off of ebay (item # 2488124636). The title of the auction was: "90-91 Eclipse VIS OEM CARBON FIBER HOOD. NEW ARRIVED". I have a 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-Turbo. 1990-1994 Eclipses/Talons/Lasers of the 1.8L,2.0NA, and 2.0 turbo engines ALL HAVE THE SAME SIZE ENGINE BAY. When the hood arrived, the dimensions of the hood were found to be OFF BY SEVERAL INCHES. See this link to view photos of the hood and how it does NOT fit my car:
The hood was manufactured by VIS, and I called VIS about it. They saw the photos of the hood and agreed that the hood was NOT MADE FOR MY CAR. I called jtrsport back, and guess what, they claimed that it was VIS's vault for manufacturing the hood wrong. I don't see how it could be their fault since JTRSPORT sold me the hood, and not VIS. After calling JTRSPORT back several times, they REFUSED TO GIVE ME AN EXCHANGE OR A REFUND. Then out of nowhere, they filed a NON-PAYING BIDDER NOTICE against me on ebay. Wow. What a slap in the face. I have already paid them via paypal, which I have no problem proving since its stored on the paypal webserver. If you are reading this, PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT CONDUCT BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. If you do, you will risk getting burned as I did. I lost $460.00 doing business with these criminals, money that I had to work HARD for. I am going to file a case to the small claims court of Maryland, to hopefully get some of my stolen money back. Wish me luck.


Soon after I left carbon_innovation this negative feedback with this URL posted, he terminated his ebay account. I guess he figures he should start out with a new ebay account so others cannot see this site about the fraud he committed. Before he cancelled his account, he left me negative feedback which
stated the following: "MUST BEWARD, ORDER WRONG PART, THREATENING US BY PHONE, ALREADY FILE WITH EBAY.." . Ummmm...I didn't ORDER the wrong part. I ordered a hood for my
1991 Eclipse. You sent me a hood that was made for a 89-94 Nissan 240sx. Check the auction number above. The auction title SAYS 90-91 OEM Eclipse hood. I also DID NOT THREATEN ANYONE
OVER THE PHONE. I told them that they sent me the wrong product, and if they chose not to give me an exhange or refund, I would be forced to consult a lawyer. This was not a threat in anyway shape or form. I cannot believe the blatant lies that this seller comes up with. Before this jerk left me this unwarranted feedback I had 100% positive. This is by far the worst ebay seller I have ever dealt with in over 6 years of ebay experience. If he chooses to start another account with ebay, I will find it. I will be
sure to post this URL into his feedback. No one deserves to be ripped off like this. Since ebay and paypal won't do anything about it, I will.

I want to thank all the people that have been calling me and emailing me with their own experiences with these scam artists. EVERYDAY I get more and more email from people that have suffered through similar experiences with this company. I specially want to thank the people who have tracked down
KIRAKI's other ebay accounts (yes they have several). I have posted negative feedback with this URL in all of their accounts in hope of preventing more of this fraudulant activity. EBAY if you are reading this, please DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. If you have been ripped off by this company before, please email me with a URL to your website so I can link it here. OR, if you wish, you can just email details on what happened, and your contact info, and I will make a page and host it for you on this webserver. People who have emailed me before, I need your permission to do this, so I will not post anything about your experience unless you give me your explicit permission to do so. There are so many people that have been scammed, there might even be a shot at getting a class action lawsuit going against these people. I can only hope this will be the case. In the mean time, I am researching
on how to file a small claims case. I have already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I am awaiting a reply from them to find out what has been done. When I again contacted KIRAKI, and told them that I was going to file a case against them they told me that I had to speak with their "accountant". No one at the company speaks english very well so he might have meant "attorney" instead of "accountant". However, when I asked about their real address (they only give
out their PO Box on their website/ebay) the representative on the phone told me that they were NOT ALLOWED TO GIVE OUT THEIR REAL ADDRESS. What kind of company doesn't give out
their real address? Something really suspicious is going on with this company, and if you are reading this because you saw this posted in their feedback, I highly advise you NOT TO BID ON ANY OF THEIR AUCTIONS. There has been way too many people who have received the wrong item, and they usually charge $100-$150 for their shipping. You can find a better company to buy the same item from on ebay who won't rip you off.

I HAVE NOT EXAGGERATED IN ANYWAY ABOUT ANYTHING STATED ABOVE! If you want to contact me about ANY of these claims, feel free:

Raymond Bitting
34 Orchard Towne Ct Apt 204
Laurel MD, 20707
Cell: 443-614-7264
email: [email protected]
ebay: sonicnofadz
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