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XB performance chip

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Does anyone if there is a performance chip out for the 2005 xb?
How do I get it?
How much does it Really change?
Does Toyota approve (warranty)?
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Usually, performance chips for Toyotas don't yield any performance gains.
"performance" chips usally just make your car run rich (more gas to the engine). They may give you a few hp, but they will cause your car to start spewing out thick smoke after a year or so (after you Cat cant take any more) and fail to meet any emission test.
clearly, the factory air intake is a joke.

What are people doing to increase performance?
i saw an xB with an AEM intake.
BlitzJapan has a few things for power... i believe they were developing a s/c or turbo for the 1.5. they also have their air intake system, NurSpec cat-back exhaust, and turbo timer and boost controller. and DC sports also has a nice 4-1 ceramic header and their own exhaust being developed. there should be more but thats all i know for that engine.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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