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xb sputtering

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My check engine light came on my Xb, manual transmission. I took it to the dealer who said there was a little gas in cylinder 3. They cleaned it & said it wasn't sputtering anymore, but it's been 2 days and the engine is sputtering again. It happens in idle, and between 2nd and 3rd gear. I use Sunoco gas regular, only drive @10 miles per day, and do not step on the gas pedal when starting the car. Any ideas?
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Sound like a mis-firing problem. Should take it back to the dealer and have them fix it, right the first time.
stuckTaco said:
Sound like a mis-firing problem. Should take it back to the dealer and have them fix it, right the first time.
Sounds to me like an injector sticking open...;) It may not be so bad to stand on the vertical pedal once in ahwile to clean it out some. What was the code that CEL showed?
First, make sure you let your car get up to operating temp because it will always run rich if it doesn't warm up and that can cause problems in the future. Short trips means your car never warms up and the exhaust doesn't get hot enough to burn off condensation. Short trips can REALLY shorten the life of your exhaust system because water will sit in your pipe and rust it from the inside out. It might take a while to happen but eventually it will.

Stepping on the gas pedal shouldn't do anything until you actually get the car started. Older carburated cars would need a quick step in the throttle to get a little fuel in the engine for it to fire. On a fuel injected car like your box, when you turn the key you should be able to hear a little humming noise for a second. That is your fuel pump activating to get your system pressurized and get gas to the engine for you. stepping on the pedal wont do anything until the car is actually running.

Another thing to take note of, however, is that if your vehicle has trouble starting, everytime you turn your key fully off and fully on again, you've put more gas into your engine and can cause it to "flood." Make sure if your car is hesitating to not cycle the key to many times. You can stop cranking it without turning the key to the off position.

have your local dealer check your MAF sensor. I've seen a few xB's have faulty MAF's including one that wouldn't start at all and had to be towed in from 60 miles out.
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