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Ok so am selling my xbox 360 reason being i don't use it; i know spend most of my time working on my corolla so there is no need for me to have this xbox just sitting in my room. am selling the 360 with 14 games plus accesories. this xbox is in great condition. The price is $440 + shipping but i am accepting reasonable offers

1.Need for speed: pro street
2.Need for speed: carrbon
3.Test Drive Unlimited
4.Moto GP 06
5.Gears of War
7.Rainbow Six Vegas
8.Lost Planet
9.Call of Duty 2
10.Splinter Cell Double Agent
11.Perfect Dark Zero
12.Lego Star Wars 2
13.Fight Night Round 3
14.Fifa World Cup Germany 2006

Plug and Play recharge kit (with rechargable battery)
Xbox Live Vision Camera



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Bmp for 360 gear. You might have a better chance on the xbox-scene BST.
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