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Hey tuners,

I'm working with XDC events in putting together the REMIX CAR SHOW part of the XDC weekend in Texas Motor Speedway on September 25th. The Xtreme Drift Circuit (XDC) is the first nationwide drifting series and car show festival aimed at catering to drivers on both the professional and amateur (Pro-Am) level of competition, featuring the rising stars of the drifting world. Let's show 'em how BIG we do it in Texast :) As of right now, we're looking for SHOWCARS that are willing to participate for carbon fiber trophies and cash prizes.

XDC has added to the experience off the track by introducing the REMIX Car Show Competition. REMIX will feature a wide range of cars, including exotics, modern muscle cars, and high-performance modified vehicles similar to the cars competing in the Xtreme Drift Circuit. Car club corrals for Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Scion, Infiniti, BMW, Mustangs, Genesis, K-Cars and Muscle cars will be featured at each REMIX event. The REMIX Award Tour will be at each stop on the Xtreme Drift Circuit, in addition to the other standalone events across the country.


(Show EVENT): $52.50 ** Includes 2 event passes. 1 Event pass for bike registration.


For Car Show Registration we're giving a $10 off , so sign up online and get registered with the code 'khrisxyu' . This code also gets $5off general admissions tickets online so SIGN UP TODAY :)

Car Show Registration:

Online Tickets (khrisxyu code $5off) :

I am also looking for models to sell their merchandise at our model booth . Please contact me asap for more information.

**We have vendor areas available on the lot- if you are interested in setting up a vendor booth for your car club/organization/business, please email me**

Be looking forward to meeting and working with you guys

Khris Uybengkee
REMIX/XDC On-Site Coordinator

[email protected]

Here's a preview of the 'Asuka Design' Carbon-Fiber 'RE' Signature Awards of the REMIX Car Show

Class & Cash:

Open-Make Awards: Open to all model vehicles. Unlimited class awards for most makes.

•Finest Driven Acura
•Finest Custom Acura
•Finest Driven Audi
•Finest Custom Audi
•Finest Driven BMW
•Finest Custom BMW
•Finest Driven Chrysler / Dodge
•Finest Custom Chrysler / Dodge
•Finest Driven Ford / GM
•Finest Custom Ford / GM
•Finest Driven Honda
•Finest Custom Honda
•Finest Driven Infiniti
•Finest Custom Infiniti
•Finest Driven Lexus
•Finest Custom Lexus
•Finest Driven Mazda
•Finest Custom Mazda
•Finest Driven Mercedes
•Finest Custom Mercedes
•Finest Driven Mitsubishi
•Finest Custom Mitsubishi
•Finest Driven Nissan
•Finest Custom Nissan
•Finest Driven Scion
•Finest Custom Scion
•Finest Driven Subaru
•Finest Custom Subaru
•Finest Driven Toyota
•Finest Custom Toyota
•Finest Driven Volkswagen
•Finest Custom Volkswagen
•Finest Vehicle Award (other)

Open-Specialty Awards:

•Finest Driven Old School Vehicle
•Finest Custom Old School Vehicle
•Finest Driven Truck / SUV
•Finest Custom Truck / SUV
•Finest AWD Vehicle (all wheel drive)
•Finest RHD Vehicle (right hand drive)
•Finest K-Car (yaris, fit, kia, suzuki, xa, xd etc)
•Finest Box (cube, xb, element, vans etc)
•Finest Lowrider
•Finest Luxury | Exotic (price based)
•Finest JDM Aftermarket Vehicle
•Finest JDM OEM Vehicle
•Finest VIP Build
•Finest Display (open to bikes)
•Finest Vinyl Graphics (vinyl | digital)
•Finest Painted Graphics (custom | airbrush)
•Finest Custom Bay (engine)
•Finest Overall Paint Finish
•Finest Underbody | Frame (undercarriage)
•Finest Stance (wheel.tire.offset combo)
•Finest Use of Carbon Fiber
•Finest Custom Bodywork
•Finest Classic Bodywork (original body lines, molds not excluded)
•Finest Overall Interior
•Finest Audio | Visual Entertainment
•Finest 2010 Build (new '2010/2011' releases)
•Finest Driven Female Ride
•Finest Custom Female Ride
Open-Performance Class Awards:

•Finest Engineered Vehicle
•Finest Domestic Muscle Vehicle
•Finest Performance Vehicle 2nd Runner up
•Finest Performance Vehicle 1st Runner up
•Best of Show Performance Vehicle - $200
2 Wheel Class Awards:

•Finest Custom Bike
•Finest Performance Bike
•Finest Unlimited Bike
Open-Driven Class- Awards:

•Finest Driven Vehicle 3rd
•Finest Driven Vehicle 2nd
•Best of Show Driven- vehicle – $200
Open-Custom Class- Awards:

•Finest Custom Vehicle 3rd
•Finest Custom Vehicle 2nd
•Best of Show Custom- vehicle – $200
Ultimate Unlimited Class Awards:

•Best of Show Unlimited 2nd Runner up – $200
•Best of Show Unlimited 1st Runner up – $400
•Best of Show Unlimited Vehicle – $1000
Team | Club Class:

•Finest Forum (same make clubs & forums)
•Largest Team Attendance (cars entered)
•Finest Team Representation & Display 2nd Runner up
•Finest Team Representation & Display 1st Runner up
•Finest Team Representation & Display - $200
•Finest Team Overall (based on top 6 scores) - $400

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Get AT LEAST 8 cars to be willling to go and i will give out a MAJOR DISCOUNT CODE for online car registration

email [email protected]

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