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Yakima racks - let's see 'em

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Thinking about putting a Yakima rack either on my tonneau cover or on the roof. My only worry with the Tonneau cover is that I want to be able to lift it while the bikes are on it, so that's mostly a length issue with clearing the back window (I don't want the back of the rack hanging off the truck) and maybe a weight issue on the shocks of the cover.

The roof rack would solve those issues, but it just seems less convenient and might look a little odd. The bonus would be I could probably mount some flood lights on the sides of the bike rack to illuminate left and right of the truck (front and rear already covered).

So I'm trying to figure out what set up I want to run and I'm turning to TN to see examples.

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Might try using the search forum, there is a thread titled "simple bike mounts." That might not be exactly what you're looking for, if not you can narrow the search down. Not sure where you're getting the tonneau from, but the dealers and installers should steer you in the right direction of lifting it with bikes on it. Remember that your average bike weighs close to 30 pounds, plus the weight of the rack itself. That's a lot of weight to lift let alone come down on you. Yeah the roof rack is awkward, carry a step stool with you. What are the flood lights for?
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