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BUMP! :thumbup:

And a few more questions...

Hello all! :D Just have a few questions regarding the TS exhaust... I am a proud and happy owner of a 05 Yaris TS, am very happy with everything possible, except one thing. Yeah, the exhaust in my opinion is way too quiet and soft, does not even have a sporty or deep tone as some people say. I could not believe it when we purchased it... I'm thinking about changing the rear exhaust or doing something to it to gain sound! My question is that, will only changing the rear exhaust give me a much more louder, agressive and deeper sound that the current one? I don't really want to touch anything else like the manifold, cat or center piping cause that is supposed to be a TS version as well, I don't really know what that means? Can someone explain to me in details please of what type of exhaust system the TS has versus the 1.0 and 1.3 Yaris models? They told me at the dealership that the exhaust system is a sport type, but thats all they said... It does not even have a deep tone to it, duuuuh!
Oh, and with the standard exhaust, inside the tip itself there is a smaller little metal piece inside, what is that used for or is that a silencer of somekind? If I were to take that metal piece out of the tip, will the exhaust be louder?

Thanks guys!
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