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Yay, it finally runs, and runs GOOD

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Well after about 6 months of me dinking with it a little here and a little there in between work, kids, and the honey do list, I finally finished the 3.4 5VZ engine swap into my 90 4Runner that had the 3.0 3VZ in it. Fired it up today for the first time. Purrs like a kitten.
Still have a few bugs to work out, but no engine codes, no leaks, good power, and a little too loud. Someone gave me a FloPro muffler and it's a little over the top for my taste.

She's got Edelbrock headers that I totally re-worked and thermal coated.(Edelbrock has terrible build quality, btw, the flanges were a little smaller than the ports on the heads, and they welded them on the inside instead of the outside of the tubes so the entrance to the header was a solid 1/4" smaller than the exit of the head. Along with that, they had lots of pipe left over sticking into the exhaust flow at collectors and merges. I shoulda gotten Downey headers)
A full 2.5" mandrel bent exhaust.
Magnaflow catalytic converter.
K&N intake.(Didn't plan on that, but it wound up being cheaper than the stock intake, go figure.)
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Yes the s/c would kick some serious arse, but it's another 3K or so, and I'm all tapped out.
I have some pics, but no place to host.
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