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Yet another new member...

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Thanks for the forum here. I am another new person who is a million more times inclined to fix my own stuff than take it in. I am an industrial maintenance technician by trade with a background in millwright, construction and residential electrician. Not too long ago I replaced the steering knuckle :thumbsup: on my wife's Camry because the steering wheel would pulsate right and left when driving at low speeds as well as wenn braking. Now, a few months later we have noticed a clicking in the rack-n'-pinion :facepalm: on the drivers side. I became a member hehe to see what I can find out. Thank for the forum.:chug:
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No problem, hope the forums can help you out. :thumbsup:

:welcome: to the nation!
Welcome to the Toyota Nation! :cool:

Great to hear that you don't mind getting your hands dirty. I'm sure you'll fit in well here :)

Enjoy the forums! :chug:
I found the problem, easy as 1,2,3.

One, I went ahead of time and purchased the replacement rack set up from a salvage yard, two I got my wife to sit behind the wheel and turn it so I could feel a bit more and find where it made the most vibration, and three I gotta find out if the salvage parts place will accept a return because I found a loose jamb nut on the tierod. I felt there before and didn't notice it. I hate finding simple things after the fact. I usually look better than that the first time.
It usually is the simplest things that get you. Glad you were able to nail it down! :thumbsup:
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