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hello all, just wanted to get on and say what's up. i'm glad i found this website, it's already been really useful in helping me answer some mod questions. anyway, i live in delaware and i picked up a 1996 toyota avalon 1 week before i got shipped over to the sandbox. so i haven't been able to really get down on her yet, but i have been 'internet queen'-ing the crap out of stuff and am going to have alot to install when i get home. that's cool though. i picked her up for $2k off of the old man. she's got 200k miles on her and still runs like she's brand new. gotta love them 'yotas. anyway, i plan to leave her white with the tan interior (for now anyway.) here is a list of the things i plan to do with her, as soon as i get back to civilization:

Sound system (of course) - replace all speakers, 12" subs, all that good stuff

Of course also Car alarm, keyless entry, remote start, etc.

Gunmetal rims and low profile tires

Lowering kit (1.8")

Performance shocks

AEM Cold Air Intake

Performance exhaust, full or catback (don't know what yet, or what brand, but any suggestions would be appreciated)

Reverse glow gauges

Tint (2% rear, 5% front) i can get away with this cuz i had PRK and i can get a doctors note to pass the inspection, get out of tickets, etc :D

I've been looking at this and wondering if i should grab it up or not. i read on here that toyota ECU's are set pretty good. what do you guys think?

Last thing...i snatched this little baby up off of ebay when i was putting together my shopping list. what do you guys think? it looked like it could definitely be worth a shot, esp for the price. do you guys think i wasted my money or what? (since i won't know until mid january :lol )

anyways, there you have it. that's about all i can think of at the moment, but i'm sure there'll be much more. thanks for looking and thanks for all the advice i've already gotten on here. nice to meet everybody...
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