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yet another strut question

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long story short.. i replaced the struts and it was making a clicking sound like metal hitting metal. replaced the mounts then (which i really should have done befrore but couldnt) and while the noise is reduced a bit it is still very much audible. Other facts to add is that it is a gen3.5 so it has the upper strut seat (or whatever its called) unlike the gen3 which i have NOT replaced yet. Also i have one of those cheap strut braces from ebay. Could either of these be the cause of the sound? I went over all the bolts and its tight. torqued to specs. Is it worth taking apart again to replace those strut seats? It has been driving me insane for a long time now. It make sit sound old and rickety like its about to fall apart. Thanks guys.
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my friend had a old ass Probe and he replaced the struts and they tick and clicked for mad long until one day it stopped and never heard it again after that..
My struts used to click, then I changed them. To this day I occasionally hear them click. I know at one point I needed strut mounts but since the weather got warmer, I havent heard anymore mount noises.....
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