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Well today I discovered something that I never would have though to happen. Recently I received a new to me dash panel for around the instrument panel. It came with a used gear shift indicator, defroster, cruise control, and hazard switch too. Not bad for 15 bucks on eBay!:D

A few years back my over off drive light burned out. No big deal right? Well i took my old one off today to compare to the once that came with the dash trim only to discover that at some point in time, before i became mechanically inclined with this car, someone has ripped me off.

The back-plane/circuit board has been switched out on me. I took it apart and the controller board does not even have contact for an over drive light however when looking through the plastic diffuser you can clearly see the OD Off. :headbang:

My only logical guess is that someone switched mine out for someone else's to check the transmission codes since the overdrive light is how you pull the codes.

Has anyone else had this happen?
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