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Recently i have been hanging out with a buddy of mine that i just met who has a 96' Prelude SRV with straight pipes n headers and some other shit and his friend has a 95 integra with exhaust and air intake and yeah... they are prety much stock engine wise... But the first time that i hung out with him he asked what i was planning on getting for my first car and i said a 2000 celica and he just laughed and said i was wasting my money and that it is a pain in the ass to find replacement parts and that i would have nothing but trouble and that if i had ever drivin a car with V-Tec that i would never want nething but a honda or an acura... but i really like the celica and i would think that the vvtl on a celica would be relatively the same but yeah.... what do you guys think.
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he's right don't waste your money on a 2000 celica get an older one they have more space to play with. also tou can do alot more since they've been around for a while. or get an mr2 not an mrs
If you compare a non/SOHC-VTEC Honda to a non-VVTL-i Celica, the Celica wins. If you compare a DOHC VTEC Honda (be it 'lude, SiR, GSR or ITR), they're not that far off. Parts are harder to find for the Celica, but they're out there. Your buddy has a typical Hondaboy attitude. Honda's are great cars, I wonder why so many tools drive them.

Drive both GT/GTS and whatever your buddy suggests and take it from there. Consider everything you're looking for in a car between the Celica and the Honda of your choice and then decide.
i like both makes and i feel tat both are vrey good, in terms of performance and realiability,

but i favour toyota more for there are tonnes of "morons" out there driving Hondas and they kinda make it look bad and stupid.

stick to toyota, and like 2wickedtoyz suggested, get either a 6th or 5th gen or look ard for other models.

look for a gen 5 all-trac turbo. honda's suck cause everyone and their dog has one. Here's an idea buy a geo merto and do an engine swap in that.
Everyone has their opinions. You will get the ricers that say VTEC is the shit. The white trash that say V8's are the shit. The V6 guys that say Superchargers are the shit. And the 4banger guys that say turbos are the shit.

VVTL-i > VTEC.....

Either way..... all of you are driving fwd cars.... so who cares. If you want the car to do much more than look ricey..... or in a few rare occasions.... go in a nice strait line.... it doesn't even matter.

All of those cars can be quickly pushed to their limits. I think if you get anywhere over around 250+whp in a fwd car..... you just have too much power.... and you will lose control first corner you hit. Understeer isn't your friend....
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