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Well I am a very big Toyota fan, have been for years, and over those years I have ran into many issues with no answers on how to resolve them. So I became that expert I was seeking in a sense.

I have had 7 Toyota Trucks in this age rang, I have done full body off rebuilds, engine swaps, lifted rock crawlers, to laying the frame on the ground.

If you have a Toyota Truck your a brother/sister of mine.

Ask your questions and ill give you the best way to solve your problem and if I don't know the answer I'll get it.

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Thanks Skorpeon,

Welcome to Toyotanation! I am also a fan of anything toyota though i am not a mechanic.

Please can you have a look at my question that i posted yesterday Your expert/hands-on response will be very much appreciated.

Welcome to toyota nation!!

Your knowlage will be a great asset to the site.
Oh good! Shortly I'll post up a new thread, but before that, I would like to ask several questions!!! You may PM me back if you wish, just to keep things clear.

Today I have recieved a new audio deck. Single DIN Sony. I only have the factory setup currently, Radio and Cassette, double DIN, with two front 4" tweeters.

The concerns I will need to conquer are...
1. I have gotten new speakers. They are 6x9'", two of them, both are in GREAT shape. Lightly used as display, no dings or scratches. barely 15W's have touched it. They were listed at $79 but we got them for $39. HELLA WIN!!!!

Question is, I want to install these in the rear, but I don't want to change the interior. Where should I install these? They also have the front face cover. Its a 3 way 300W seaker. MADE IN VIETNAM! (representing my race! lolol)

2. The Sony deck. I'm going single din, will I use the factory brackets to mount the bottom "pocket"? the pocket is from Best Buy's and is an aftermarket one. What will i use to mount this?

3. What will i need to wire up the new Sony deck? We got a hold of this custom plug and play wire thing, but me and my dad are afraid to touch and use it.... $20.......!!!

Thanks! If anyone else knows what to do about this, feel free to chime in and help me out!! Thanks!

And if the mods would like to move this to a new thread, feel free to do so! THANKS!

And welcome to TN! (on the sidenote, have you thought about joining Toyota Minis? We'd like someone like you over there also!)

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for the 6x9 speakers they fit great in the ex cab two cubbies in the back. the insert for the deck and the wire harness the best bet is to use the one from best buy they have always een good for me. and the easiest way.
Skorpeon, do you have any pics of your rear cubby setup?
I placed the cover over the cubby's and it looks like it would immensely overwhelm the cubby's.

The cubby's you refer to are the ones on the side of the cab or the ones on bottom?

these are XS-GT6935A's.
300W Peak
60W Rated
4 Impedance

about 2-3" in depth.
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