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Your Thoughts on Power Steering Pump

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Looks like I need a new power steering pump. Quote from dealer is $732 installed. Your thoughts??
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in my dream last night my PS pump died , i was so happy to wake up.
either to go marlin crawler and get a new one for $299
or go find a used one for about $75.
do install yourself!

whats wrong with the old one?

If it is leaking it can be resealed. if it does not work a reman or used one will do the trick. They are not hard to change so a DIY project is in order. Use the money you save for some other goodies or pay the tow truck to haul off that Tempo:lol:
stay away from the stealer at ALL COSTS unless you need warranty work done or you want a brand new vehicle.
Old one is talking to me! :D Seems to have a shrill noise coming from the pump, perhaps coming from where the pulley shaft enters the pump.
Its not low on fluid is it?
Not low on fluid, I actually pumped some fluid out today and refilled with Lucasoil Power Steering Fluid/Lube. Helped quite a bit but didn't make it completely go away.
Mine 1990 PS pump is leaking a bunch. How do you re-seal one? Is it an O-ring or gasket or something you have to get from the dealer?

There is a kit available from the dealer with all the seals in the pump. As long as it has not been run out of fluid and is not noisey and the power assist is good then resealing it is the way to go. You should be able to find proceedure info in a toyota service manual.

The squealing noise isn't a belt is it. could also be a bad bearing in the idler.
If it's just a leak you're trying to fix I've found that AutoRX works quite will. I've tried synthetic power steering fluid a couple of times but it quickly developed leaks. Typical stop-leak products did not help, used in synthetic PS or Dexron ATF fluid. Only going back to Dexron III ATF and adding a couple ounces of AutoRX solved the problem.

( )
I've got a whole power steering setup for 22R/RE and a 2wd gearbox. Whatchya need?
knowltondata said:
I've got a whole power steering setup for 22R/RE and a 2wd gearbox. Whatchya need?
Thanks but, I have the 3.0.

I replaced the belts about a year ago, so I don't think that is the problem but I could very well be wrong.

I'll keep a watch (or ear) on it and see what develops. Hopefully the Lucasoil treatment will do the trick for quite some time.
mine used to leak and with the pump off of the truck for the HG swap I simply "rebuilt" my pump. Basically you change out all of the seals and fasteners in the pump. Works like a charm and is easy!!
Told you I'd keep you updated. Local mechanic replaced power steering belt (and others while he was at it). Belts were under parts warranty since they had been replaced less than 2 years ago. Noise gone, cost $25.00.
I think that is:

Belts replaced $25.00

Noise gone= Priceless
It is really easy to rebuild your pump. It will only cost you about $25 and a couple hours. Here are some helpful links, pictures, and service manual pages. Hope this helps.
who cares i lost power stering since i ve had my truck unless ur turning 35's it isnt that big of a deal my 33's arent any thing to turn any more
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