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Zaino And Graphic Pics: PRICELESS!

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I hope this image takes! I just finished a single coat of Zaino after getting my graphics installed. Frankly I am no fan of graphics but on the truck it fills that huge "void" of silver on the sides of the truck. Its a shame the Zaino doesn't really show since its unbelievable. I literally can't look at the silver metallic too long since its so wet and glossy it makes my eyes hurt. The paint is like glass with only a single coat. AND I apply it in direct sun WITHOUT the white residue left by old technology waxes! Personally I think this graphic TRANSORMS the appearance of the entire truck! I LOVE IT!!
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Cool, looks nice on the silver. Sort of spices it up a bit and probably adds a couple miles an hour to the speedometer!
I put that same thing on one of my race mobiles on "need for speed underground" for some extra points. try some P21S on your paint.
That ILLUSION decal is perfect for the Silver Tacoma. It has grays, purples, blacks, etc in it and just seems to "fit"
I have used them all and ZAINO IMO beats them all! Only company I know where the owner answers any tech questions. Sal Zaino offers a product thats not only QUALITY, its inexpensive considering one bottle will do your truck 20 times.
I caught on to Zaino with my BMW. One of the detailers at the stealership said he will use nothing else. I've pretty much adopted the same attitude. Easy to apply, smells good, looks amazing, and lasts forever.
Never have been a big fan of graphics but it does compliment the silver quite nicely. Good choice

I've also started using Zaino on my silver taco just recently. Prepped w/ ZPC via Rotary, 3 coats of Z5 and 2 coats of Z2. The results? Less then spectacular =)
cj99si said:
I put that same thing on one of my race mobiles on "need for speed underground" for some extra points.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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