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When considering newer car purchases I often "Hire the car" for a few weeks & drive it whereever I would normally including a 3,000km plus trip with four (4) adults on board.

Have had a December 2017 ZRE172R Sedan for four (4) weeks
Toyota Motor Thailand Co Ltd
Made in Thailand
1.8lt 2ZR-FE Engine
Running Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 195/65R15’s with full size spare
20,000km on the clock & reportedly freshly serviced, so suitable for WOT Acceleration Runs.

Running 91RON, (non ethanol blend)
Hway miles 6.2lt/100km
7.0lt/100km Mixed with some Wide Open Throttle Acceleration Runs (WOT) & RPM v’s Sports Mode Manual Individual Gear Selection RPM identification.

Standard acceleration from stopped on ECO Mode CVT Flares to 2800Rpm to 60km/Hr until you back off the Throttle

Rolling start WOT foot on the floor 20km/Hr to 120km/Hr, the CVT allows the motor to go to 6400RPM then drops back to 5200RPM then runs thru to 6400RPM then drops back to 5200RPM then runs through to 6400RPM at 120km/Hr
- So the 2017 CVT appears to select “nominal gear positions” on the two opposing cones and steps the CVT chain position to simulate nominal automatic gears.

Noted the Dec 2017 The CVT Function is vastly different to the 2015 1.6lt Wagon with CVT which I drove in New Zealand a few years ago where the Rolling start WOT on the floor 20km/Hr to 120km/Hr went to 5500RPM & stayed there until you backed off from WOT acceleration.

ECO Drive
80km/Hr = 1400RPM
90km/Hr = 1550RPM
100km/Hr = 1700RPM
110km/Hr = 2000RPM

It beeps at you if you try to down shift & it thinks you will exceed XXRPM
In knocking back the gears to stop drop off on the hills with cruize control on to either improve up hill constant speed or improve engine braking with the cruize control still on, it kicks you out of cruize control if the selected gear pushes the engine over something like 5000RPM

1st = 4900RPM
2nd = 3700RPM
3rd = 3000RPM

2nd = 4200RPM
3rd = 3400RPM
4th = 2550RPM
5th = 2000RPM
D = 1250RPM

3rd = 4600RPM
4th = 3500RPM
5th = 2600RPM
D = 1400RPM

3rd = 5200RPM
4th = 4000RPM
5th = 3050RPM
D = 1550RPM

4th = 4850RPM
5th = 3400RPM
D = 1700RPM

3rd = Not Allowed RPM
4th = 4900RPM
5th = 3700RPM
D = 2000RPM

ZRE172R Sedan Irritating querks
[a] Doors are more than 1 inch lower than ZRE152R or ZRE122R when opened so scrapes at the bottom of the doors at edges is problematic, even with one person in the car
b] Absolutely minimal engine braking from the CVT on windy & hilly 80km/Hr sign posted top speed road with 25km/Hr series turns & 25kM/Hr turns followed by 15km/Hr hairpins you know the one you take your Yamaha R1 (when young) out on…or now on my 2019 BMW R 1250 RT…bit of a let down really. Far more use of the brakes than for the ZZE122R 4Sp Auto & the ZRE152 6Sp manual over the same road.
[c] When accelerating out of the corners the amount of engine flaring enabled by the CVT that occurs is very much dependent on throttle position, load/weight in the vehicle, speed change WRT Throttle Position & elevation/grade change in the road. The CVT flaring is a bit disconcerting & the CVT gets a bit lost on the windy/hilly road in question.
[d] When on cruise control, if the road is less than express way grade, it has trouble maintaining a constant speed with hills, both uphill & downhill…dissappointing
[e] Boot space is good for a small sedan BUT the Boot Hinge Bars intrude down into the useable space. Base of rear boot lining carpet is CHEAP stingy crap.
[f] Hit the brakes hard from 100km/Hr and the hazard lights flash (ABS not engaged)
[g] The flat screen touch panel for the AUDIO in the 2017 ZRE172R is not that user friendly, much prefer a rotation tune knob & volume knob & separate fast selection/preset buttons that you can feel while driving & not looking at the touch screen. Found that I had to get the front passenger to adjust the Audio while I was driving. The up down button for volume control either on the touch screen or the steering wheel was sketchy & irritating.
[h] With steering wheel fully in & up the space to the dash is very limited for fingers
i] The front drivers seat base only has a back of seat base raise/lower. At 196cm tall, just could not drive long distances with the seat base on minimum height, ended up with it jacked up two (2) lifts of the lever to work with the seat back rake I preferred. This reduced my available head room fortunately there is no Driver Side Hand Grab on the door upper side pillar frame.

…..So in Summary
I would not purchase a ZRE172R Sedan with CVT, the lack of engine braking & the flaring under acceleration is a deal breaker for me. (Not sure about the CVT longevity either.)
The CVT has too much of a “Calming” outcome/saping of user engagement/input & does things that I was not expecting.

Next “Hire & Drive” adventure will be a ZRE182R Hatch (But the back seat head room is reduced for the rear seat adults) in both Manual & Auto & a ZWE211R (But the back seat space just does not work for me, have to put the seat forward each time to let the rear seat passengers in because It is significantly smaller) in both Manual & Auto, the boot space is reduced so expect it will have to be a two (2) person trip, not a four (4) person trip.

Pity the 2019 Corolla WAGON (Estate) is not yet in AUSTRALIA & if it comes the Stealership are saying “It will be the HYBRID”. MEH,
TOYOTA AUSTRALIA - just bring in the WAGON 2.0lt with a full size spare (and give the Hybrid as an option for those who might want it).

Anyone else got thoughts on the ZRE172/ZRE182 V’s ZRE152R & ZRE122R?

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