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CT26 manifold

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Ok guys I'm looking for some knowledge here. I drive a third gen Supra Turbo and I am looking to do a turbo swap, so that means I'll have my old CT-26 laying around. I was wondering if there is a manifold fo the 3VZ-FE Camry engine out there that will support this turbo. If so I'd like to turbo my mom's Camry. Also if there are any intercooler kits out there those would be cool to know about as well. Basically any information on Camry performance upgrades would be much appriciated.

P.S. I did a search but couldn't come up with much info on this subject, so please don't flame.
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There is no turbo manifold for the 3VZ-FE, it will have to be fabricated...
Thanks. Just wondering if the job would be hard or easy. Looks like it's more on the hard side.
Well, it comes down to how the turbo is positioned...
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